At 137th AES convention in Los Angeles.

MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ V3 Plug-In for V5 Owners

MDW and Avid are pleased to announce that we now have a special installer for those who bought V5 AAX license but still in need of TDM V3 version to open older sessions on some systems.

For more information please visit

MDW site or

Avid’s Knowledge Database

MDW®EQ5 AAX 64bit plugin for Pro Tools Finally Arrived.

Massenburg DesignWorks® (MDW) and Avid officially announced on Jan. 23rd at NAMM and on their websites about highly anticipated MDW®EQ5-AAX for Pro Tools 10.3.6~ and 11.

Plug-ins come in 2 formats: AAX DSP/Native and AAX-Native.  Both are available for immediate purchase on Avid Store.

For further information go to their website.

MDW®EQ5 64bit AAX and AAX-Native For Pro Tools (MDW Site)

MDW® Hi-Res Parametric EQ (Avid Site)

Wanna know how George works with his #MDWEQ5?  Check these videos out!

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GML Offices Holiday Schedule

All of our offices will be closed from

December 24th till January 2nd, 2014

No shipments will be accepted at this time.  

We wish everyone a happy holiday season.  Thank you for another great year of your support!  

Team GML.

New Tutorials on MDW Site!

There are some tips offered by George on how to make best use of MDW® Param. EQ. More vids coming up soon. Click the image below to jump to the page.

For your sales inquiry

Due to our current production status
Some, but not all, of our stocks are available at

Alto Music
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We apologize for lack of availabilities in some areas and regions. 
We hope this will be resolved in a very near future. 

Important: Current Production Status

Dear loyal customers.

We have put up a statement regarding GML’s current production status. 

Please click here for more detail. 

We will give you more updates once they become available.

Thank you for your continuous support and understanding.

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MDW EQ 5 BETA for PT10.3.6 (Mac Only)

MDW just released a RELEASE CANDIDATE (beta) of EQ5 for PT10.3.6.  This is not intended for critical usage.  There are a few precautions you must be aware of.

Please visit their site for more information.

MDW EQ 5 BETA for PT10.3.6 (Mac Only)

Statement from MDW regarding MDWEQ5 for PT11

For all of our loyal and patient MDWEQ5-AAX and MDWEQ5-AAX-Native customers, we apologize that we have only lately gotten resources sufficient to build for the new requirements of Pro Tools 11.  We are working around the clock to build and test working executables that will authorize and run perfectly.

Please bear with us while we get this thing working.  If you have sent us email recently regarding MDWEQ5 for Pro Tools 11 we will add your name to our list to notify you of a beta release ready to test.

George Massenburg
Massenburg DesignWorks

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